Clock Radio

Clock Radio
Versatility - Let guests listen or wake up to their personal music player.
3 Reasons to Buy ...


  • Connectibilty to any mp3 player
  • Gives guests 3 wakeup options: mp3 player, AM/FM radio, or buzzer alarm


  • 5 easy-to-use top buttons for pre-set radio stations or mp3 player
  • Slide-switch makes setting the alarm easy


  • Large, ADA-recommended 0.9" display
  • Battery backup holds alarm setting during power outage

User-Friendly Design - Large 0.9" display, clearly labeled controls, and easy-access vertical shape make this alarm clock easy to view.

Daylight Savings Adjustment - Convenient slide switch located on the bottom of the alarm clock allows for easy +/- hour adjustment.

Battery Backup - Powers the alarm setting, even during a brief power outage (battery included).

3 Wake-Up Options - Gives guests the choice to wake up to their choice of music on iPod, AM/FM radio, or buzzer alarm.

Easy To Set - Slide-switch alarm makes setting the alarm mode simple so guests are not awakened by the previous guest's alarm.

Standard: Unit comes with a standard outlet plug and 2 AAA batteries
Controls: On/off switch
Electrical: 120V, 60 Hz, 15 W
Weight: 1.8 lbs / .82 kg
Warranty: 1 year
UPC: 040094916542
I 2 of 5: 10040094916549

Time-set and station-set buttons are hidden from guests, yet easily reached by staff without tools
Icon labels fit under each button to identify which type of radio station was preprogrammed
  • Clearly labeled controls make alarm clock easy to use
  • Snooze button is also a dimmer to control the brightness of the display
  • Open area on top provides storage for connector cord when not in use
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